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22 Anwendungen
Resolvers unternehmensweite Sicherheitslösungen umfassen Meldung und Berichterstattung von Vorfällen, Untersuchungen und Fallmanagement, Command Center und ESRM. Erfahre mehr über Resolver
Für eine sichere Zukunft
Omnigo Software ist eine umfassende Sicherheitsmanagement- und Vorfallsberichtssoftware zur Sicherheitsüberwachung, Protokollierung und Analyse. Erfahre mehr über Omnigo Software
Cloud-based legal case management solution for enterprises
Filevine is a cloud-based legal case management solution designed for law firms to organize and manage legal documents and track essential case milestones Erfahre mehr über Filevine
Cloud-basierte vereinfachte eDiscovery Automatisierung
Cloud-basierte E-Discovery-Automatisierungssoftware, die Rechtsstreitigkeiten, Untersuchungen und Prüfungen für juristisches und unternehmerisches Fachpersonal vereinfacht.  Erfahre mehr über CloudNine
The total employee relations risk mitigation solution
The employee relations & investigation solution that companies trust to help them track, investigate and analyze issues the right way. Erfahre mehr über HR Acuity
Compliance- und Ethik-Management-Plattform
Convercent ist eine Suite von Enterprise-Compliance- und Ethik-Management-Tools für die Bearbeitung von Fällen, Compliance-Richtlinien, Interessenkonflikten, Schulungen und mehr. Erfahre mehr über Convercent
Investigative case management software
Investigative case management software for top brand organizations, banks and schools, for managing HR, fraud, and compliance investigations Erfahre mehr über i-Sight
Security incident reporting & workflow
Reporting and Case Management for security services to connect field info to back office digital archive. Simple, intuitive workflow. Erfahre mehr über Presynct_OnDemand
Microsoft backed QHSE & Compliance software
ITRAK 365- The most scalable and adaptable QHSE software solution for the Microsoft Cloud. Erfahre mehr über ITRAK 365
Modular, cloud or computer-based safety management system
ZeraWare Safety Software is a management system spanning incident reporting, accident investigation, safety inspections, training and OSHA injury record keeping Erfahre mehr über ZeraWare
Financial Services Anti-Money Laundering
Provides an enterprise platform enabling efficient detection, investigation, and reporting of suspected money laundering and terrorist financing activity. Oracle Financial Services Anti Money Laundering, the award-winning “gold standard” in AML solutions, provides automated, comprehensive, and consistent surveillance of all accounts, customers,... Erfahre mehr über Oracle Financial Services Anti-Money Laundering
Document, File & Workflow Management
SAFE is a complete Document Management and Workflow software product. Most businesses find a way to work with their documents scattered across filing cabinets, shared drives and personal hard drives. At some point this ineffective strategy becomes too costly – due to compliance, physical space, labor or some combination of the three. Erfahre mehr über SAFE
Web-based QHSE risk & compliance software for all sectors
Integrum is an all-in-one online QHSE risk and compliance software solution that blends incident, investigation and audit management with BI reporting features Erfahre mehr über Integrum
Workflow-driven, web-based investigation management
Column Case Management is a web-based investigation management solution designed for law enforcement, financial services, and investigative industries Erfahre mehr über Column Case Management
Incident management & issue hotline service
EthicsPoint is an incident management platform for managing complaint programs from investigation through to resolution in a consistent & customizable workflow Erfahre mehr über EthicsPoint
Web-based public safety software
Dynamic Public Safety is a web-based public safety software that primarily caters to the needs of law enforcement agencies such as police stations and jails Erfahre mehr über Dynamic Public Safety
Computer and Internet Monitoring Software
Veriato (formerly SpectorSoft) allows monitoring, recording & reviewing of computer, internet and mobile phone activity in businesses, governments, and education institutions Erfahre mehr über Veriato
Incident management platform for generating incident reports
Incident Tracker is an integrated solution that helps educational institutions, security firms, healthcare agencies, and other businesses track workplace incidents and generate reports. Key features include collaboration, role-based access, data import/export, and document management. Erfahre mehr über Incident Tracker
Record, track & route customer complaints
isoTracker Complaints Management allows organizations to record & track customer complaints, route them for investigation, issue actions and escalate responses Erfahre mehr über isoTracker Complaints Management
Cloud-based case management solution for investigation teams
Polonious is a cloud-based case management solution that helps investigation teams with status, priority, resources, timelines and budget. The platform comes with features such as automated functions, process management, analytics, accounting, and more. Erfahre mehr über Polonious
Connect the Dots in Your Data
Visallo is an investigative link analysis platform with machine learning algorithms for fraud detection, cyber, law enforcement, intelligence and insider threat. It helps analysts and investigators make more rigorous and defensible conclusions by visualizing complex connections in data. Erfahre mehr über Visallo
Public safety software
Mark43 is a public safety software which combines 3 solutions for computer aided dispatch (CAD), records management (RMS), and data analytics and intelligence, helping agencies streamline and manage emergency responses, mission-critical data, and more. Erfahre mehr über Mark43