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3D architecture software for construction businesses
MicroStation is a 3D architecture software that helps businesses in the oil and gas, construction, mining, manufacturing, and other sectors create and visualize 2D drawings and 3D computer-aided designs. The platform enables creators to build models using various parametric designing tools including mesh, surface, and solid modeling. Erfahre mehr über MicroStation
Cloud-based engineering CAD and simulation software
OnScale Solve is an engineering CAD and simulation software designed to help businesses create 3D models of physical components or devices. The platform enables engineers to handle CAD repair, meshing, and multiphysics simulation of designs and analyze data to generate custom artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) algorithms. Erfahre mehr über OnScale Solve
Cloud-basierte CFD, FEM und Wärmetechnik-Simulation
SimScale ist eine vollständig Cloud-basierte Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) Plattform zur Durchführung von CFD, FAE & Thermodynamik-Simulation auf CAD-Modellen im Browser Erfahre mehr über SimScale
2D-, 3D-Design- und Zeichenplattform.
AutoCAD ist ein 2D- und 3D-Design- beziehungsweise Zeichenplattform, die automatisierte Designaufgaben mit 2D-Entwürfen, -Zeichnungen, -Annotationen sowie 3D-Modellierung und Visualisierung unterstützt. Erfahre mehr über AutoCAD
3D design tools for AEC professionals and interior designers
SketchUp’s design and collaboration software streamline AEC and interior design workflows. Its intuitive 3D modeler allows users to visualize projects quickly, while its 2D documentation and AR/VR viewing applications keep stakeholders aligned throughout the design-build process. Erfahre mehr über SketchUp
Cloudfähige 3D-CAD- und Collaboration-Plattform für Designer.
Fusion 360 von Autodesk ist ein 3D-CAD-, CAM- und CAE-Tool, das industrielles und mechanisches Design, Simulation, Zusammenarbeit und maschinelle Bearbeitung kombiniert, um den gesamten Produktentwicklungsprozess in einem integrierten Toolset von der Konzeption zur Produktion zu verbinden. Erfahre mehr über Fusion 360
Cloud-based tool for engineering simulation and 3D designing
Ansys is a 3D design software that can be utilized by businesses across several industry segments, including automotive, aerospace, construction & consumer goods. Organizations can manage processes related to workflow automation, predictive analysis, application customization, and product testing. Erfahre mehr über ANSYS SpaceClaim
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) ist ein Webservice, der größenveränderliche Rechenkapazität in der Cloud bereitstellt. Er wurde konzipiert, um Entwicklern die EDV im Web zu erleichtern. Erfahre mehr über Amazon EC2
3D-Design und -Simulation
Solid Edge von Siemens bietet Unternehmen eine Reihe von Modellierungs- und Simulationstools, die alle Aspekte des Produktentwicklungsprozesses abdecken. Das Softwareportfolio umfasst Elektrodesign, 3D-Design, rechnergestützte Fertigung, 3D-Druck, Simulation, Datenmanagement und mehr. Erfahre mehr über Solid Edge
Web-based 3D CAD software for educational institutions
Tinkercad is a web-based 3D CAD software that enables educational institutes to offer constructive solid geometry courses across K-12 school grades. It allows students to create 3D designs and program, simulate, and assemble electric circuits. Erfahre mehr über Tinkercad
3D CAD modeling application for iPad
Shapr3D is a 3D CAD application, which enables engineering and architectural firms to create geometric models on self-intersecting surfaces through complex calculations. Compatible with iPad and Apple Pencil, it allows designers to snap, guide, and auto-complete shapes on a customizable grid. Erfahre mehr über Shapr3D
The modern CAD software alternative
BricsCAD the first all-in-one CAD design software in .dwg that answers all your needs; 2D drafting, 3D modeling, BIM, and mechanical design. Erfahre mehr über BricsCAD
Cloudbasierter 3D-Tourenersteller für Unternehmen aller Größen
Cupix ist eine cloudbasierte Lösung, mit der Fotografen, Immobilienmakler, Architekten und Ingenieure 3D-Touren erstellen können. Die Plattform ermöglicht es Nutzern, unerwünschte Bildbereiche unscharf zu gestalten, Farbtöne anzupassen und virtuelle Touren auf Google Maps zu veröffentlichen. Erfahre mehr über Cupix
CAD solution for automated shape optimization
CAESES is a CAD modeler designed for businesses in automotive, marine and aerospace industries, helping users optimize shapes and create models for simulation-driven design operations. Key features include mesh morphing, parametric 2D sketching, structural analysis, and custom templates. Erfahre mehr über CAESES
Interior decoration software for creating 2D & 3D designs
InnoPlanner is a cloud-based CAD software designed to help designers, architects, dealers, retailers and manufacturers create 2D and 3D designs. The catalog content management system (CCMS) enables users to maintain custom catalogs/documents & publish, as well as update, products in real-time. Erfahre mehr über InnoPlanner
Cloud-based AR/VR and 3D simulators for training
PaleBlue is a cloud-based solution which helps businesses of all sizes manage training processes and streamline workflows using augmented, virtual reality and 3D simulations, enabling users to import 3D models from multiple computer-aided design (CAD) sources to automatically optimize designs. Erfahre mehr über PaleBlue
3D designing & rendering solution
solidThinking Evolve is a 3D hybrid modeling and rendering solution designed for small to large organizations in fashion, environment, transportation, packaging, and consumer goods industries. Key features include organic surface modeling, data visualization, image capture, and file import/export. Erfahre mehr über solidThinking suite
On-premise and open-source 3D printing tool
Slic3r is an on-premise and open-source 3D printing tool, which helps designers convert 3D models into G-code, manage configurations, print colored objects, and more whilst supporting multiple layers with different parameters. It enables users to rotate, or arrange objects on drag-and-drop interface Erfahre mehr über Slic3r
3D computer aided design (CAD) and modeling software
SelfCAD is a computer aided design software, which helps businesses create and render 3D drawings on a unified platform. The 3D modeling system allows designers to modify the resolution of objects or their specific regions and split the drawing into equal quads or triangles. Erfahre mehr über SelfCad
Video making and editing software for filmmakers
Red Giant Complete is a video making and editing software that helps filmmakers and motion designers create 3D animations, add lens distortion effects, manage color corrections, create shadows, and more on a centralized platform. It allows team members to track and maintain an editing history. Erfahre mehr über Red Giant Complete
3D product visualization and configuration platform
Roomle is a mobile and web-based platform which helps businesses in retail and real estate industries with home interior and product design visualizations in 2D, 3D and augmented reality. Key features include floor planning, product customization, while labeling, and catalog creation. Erfahre mehr über Roomle
3D CAD modeling solution for businesses of all sizes
SolidFace is a cloud-based CAD modeling solution which helps businesses in the architectural, engineering and construction industries design models with 3D & 2D visuals. Key features include configuration management, data import, multi-part parametric assemblies, and in-context editing. Erfahre mehr über SolidFace
Constructible MEP model design for Revit
Trimble SysQue is a MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) design solution that allows designers & contractors to create constructible models in Autodesk Revit using real-world, manufacturing-specific content. The software lets multiple stakeholders collaborate on LOD400 models for multiple systems. Erfahre mehr über SysQue
3D CAD software with modeling, texturing and sculpting tools
Modo is a 3D CAD software designed to help educational institutions and enterprises create content and develop ideas using various 3D texturing, modeling, rendering, and built-in sculpting tools. Artists can utilize a drag-and-drop interface to apply presets to materials or designs. Erfahre mehr über Modo
3D CAD software for preparing three dimensional models
Ultimaker Cura Enterprise is an open-source software that helps businesses automate workflows for 3D printers, as well as control one or more 3D printers. Using the standard profiles and the integration of CAD software, the preparation of the print work can be completed in real-time. Erfahre mehr über Ultimaker Cura Enterprise
3D CAD solution for small to midsize businesses
3D CAD Automation is a cloud-based solution which helps businesses provide staff training for designing, as well as developing engineer-to-order (ETO), configure-to-order (CTO), standard, and one-off products. Erfahre mehr über 3D CAD Automation
BIM collaborative platform for the construction industry.
WIZZCAD is a cloud-based BIM collaborative platform designed to help small to large organizations in the construction industry plan, build and maintain on-field projects in 3D. Key features include data modeling, remote access, secure data storage, performance analysis, and productivity tracking. Erfahre mehr über WIZZCAD
3D CAD geometric search engine
Physna is a geometric search engine system which helps businesses in design, manufacturing, and healthcare industries search, dissect, analyze, and develop 3D models. Key features include issue tracking, structural analysis, meshing, version control, and price management. Erfahre mehr über Physna
AI-powered electrical engineering solution
Celus is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered electrical engineering solution that generates schematics, PCB layouts, and embedded software automatically. The software automates module and parts selection, PCB design, schematics development, hardware-related software development, and more. Erfahre mehr über Celus
3D visualization & documentation tool for PCB manufacturers
CAM350 is a 3D visualization and documentation software that helps PCB manufacturers analyze, verify, and optimize designs for fabrication processes. The 3D rendering tool enables staff members to define and depict material thickness and other attributes across artwork and construction layers. Erfahre mehr über CAM350
3D and 2D chemical drawing & publishing software
ChemDoodle is a web-based & on-premise chemical drawing and publishing software, which helps educational institutions build 2D and 3D molecular structures for demonstration purposes. Features include gamma correction, parallel processing, atom typing, file saving options, and predefined templates. Erfahre mehr über Chemdoodle
RapidCompact hilft Nutzern bei der Reduktion von 3D-Modellen
Auf RapidCompact greift der Nutzer in Form eines Webservices zu, um seine 3D-Modelle für verschiedene Anwendungen zu optimieren und in ihrer Detailfülle zu reduzieren. Das soll den Vorteil eines vereinfachten Uploads auf die Website oder eines schnelleren Renderings etwa im VR-Umfeld bieten. Erfahre mehr über RapidCompact
3D Laser Scanning Solution for SOLIDWORKS and Solid Edge
If design engineers need to create a digital image of an existing room geometry with the integrated infrastructure such as pipelines, Smap3D ScanToCAD is a recommended solution. It enables an efficient transfer of these data into the CAD solutions Solid Edge and SOLIDWORKS. Erfahre mehr über Smap3D ScanToCAD