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AI-powered, automatic data capture
Rossum is a cloud-based optical character recognition (OCR) solution that helps enterprises capture data electronically using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It enables users to extract structured/semi-structured data from multiple documents and automatically generate invoices. Erfahre mehr über Rossum
PDF- und Dokumentenmanagementlösung mit OCR-Funktionalität
PDFelement ist eine Dokumentenmanagementlösung für Unternehmen jeder Größe, die mehrere Microsoft Office-Dateiformate, darunter .docx, .doc, .xlsx, .pptx, .ppt und Bilddateien wie .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .gif und .bmp in PDFs konvertiert. Das Tool funktioniert mit jedem Mac- oder Windows-Betriebssystem. Erfahre mehr über PDFelement
Bookkeeping on auto-pilot with real-time AI mobile apps
Veryfi is AI mobile software which automates data entry of receipts, expenses, data feeds & project with advanced tax coding categorization using machine learning. Veryfi is your ideal partner to connect your team in the field with the office for smarter real-time decision making. Erfahre mehr über Veryfi - AI bookkeeper
Automatisiere und integriere die Verwaltung und Kontrolle von Dokumenten, Geschäftsprozessen und Datensätze mit einer Anwendung. Erfahre mehr über OnBase
OCR solution for businesses of all sizes
Microsoft Office Lens is an optical character recognition (OCR) solution designed to help businesses of all sizes capture and record information from images, documents, notes, whiteboards, business cards and more. It allows users to scan and create digital copy of any printed or written text. Erfahre mehr über Microsoft Office Lens
Enterprise automation solution with OCR capabilities
DocuPhase is a web-based enterprise automation solution for businesses of all sizes, used in industries such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, customer service, and HR, that comes with workflow automation, robotic process automation, and optical character recognition (OCR) features. Erfahre mehr über DocuPhase
Data capture software for invoices, bills and receipts
Datamolino extracts data from receipts, bills and invoices for export into accounting software without the need for manual data entry Erfahre mehr über Datamolino
Full-text OCR & zonal data capture
DocSight OCR is a full-text OCR (optical character recognition) and zonal data capture solution which enables users to capture critical data & create searchable PDF documents with data extraction tools, a watched folder interface, multilingual functionality, and more Erfahre mehr über DocSight OCR
Artificial intelligence (AI) based data integration solution
Grooper is an AI-based data integration solution, which helps organizations extract unstructured data from documents, emails, images, electronic files, & more. The platform comes with a classification functionality, which assists enterprises with identifying names & sorting text in documents. Erfahre mehr über Grooper
CMS platform for storing & sharing documents
Alfresco Content Services is a content management solution that helps businesses store & share documents with team members in compliance with industry regulations. Professionals can capture data from static documents via artificial intelligence (AI) technology and OCR capabilities. Erfahre mehr über Alfresco Content Services
OCR solution with image quality enhancing capabilities
ByteScout Text Recognition SDK is a web-based optical character recognition (OCR) solution for small to mid-size businesses that can extract and copy data from multiple outputted documents such as PDFs, PNGs, JPGs, and TIFFs and create new Microsoft word files, email templates, and separate PDFs. Erfahre mehr über ByteScout Text Recognition SDK
Cloud-based invoice document management system
Affordable Invoice Capture and Approval. SearchExpress Document Management lets you import your emailed invoices and scan your paper invoices and other documents. SearchExpress uses machine learning to eliminate invoice data entry. SearchExpress lets you workflow, approve and search your invoices. Erfahre mehr über SearchExpress
PDF productivity and unlimited eSigning, all in one place
The Nitro Productivity Suite™ is a document productivity solution for organizations looking to reduce printing and operational costs by adopting 100% digital document workflows. Enterprises can n​ow extend PDF productivity and unlimited eSigning to more users and workflows across the organization. Erfahre mehr über Nitro Cloud
OCR tool that scans PDFs to convert into editable formats
Online OCR is a web-based optical character recognition solution for businesses of all sizes that can scan and extract text from PDF documents and create an editable word document with the copied text. The tool does not need to be installed and can be accessed via any web browser. Erfahre mehr über Online OCR
Datenextraktion mit künstlicher Intelligenz
Infrrd ist eine mit künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) betriebene Plattform, die Lösungen für Bilderkennung, intelligente Datenerfassung, maschinelles Lernen, OCR (optische Zeichenerkennung) und Verarbeitung natürlicher Sprache bietet. Die cloudbasierte Plattform extrahiert Erkenntnisse aus Daten, um die Entscheidungsfindung voranzutreiben. Erfahre mehr über Infrrd
Rechnungs- und Belegverarbeitung für Einzelhandelsunternehmen
Klippa ist eine cloudbasierte Rechnungs- und Belegverwaltungslösung, mit der Einzelhändler*innen Belege und Rechnungen scannen und bearbeiten können. Zu den wichtigsten Funktionen gehören Rechnungsverwaltung, Zahlungsabwicklung, Finanzverwaltung, nutzerdefiniertes Branding, Ausgabenmanagement, Dateifreigabe und optische Zeichenerkennung (OCR). Erfahre mehr über Klippa
Bank reconciliation software for SMBs
AutoRec is a bank reconciliation software for accountants and bookkeepers. AutoRec scans paper & PDF statements to accurately extract data. Erfahre mehr über OCRex AutoRec
OCR software that extracts data from electronic invoices
Intelligent OCR is an optical character recognition solution for business of all sizes that can scan documents and emails to capture relevant data from document formats such as PDF, XML, EDL, Microsoft Word, TIFF, JPEG, HTLM, and more. Erfahre mehr über Intelligent OCR
ID and passport data scanning solution
idMax is a ID and passport scanning solution with OCR capabilities that automatically extracts data from identification materials. The software works with ID's from all 50 states, many international countries and can be used in the healthcare, finance, accounting, legal and automotive industries. Erfahre mehr über idMax
Optical character recognition solution for image screenshots
Easy ScreenOCR is an optical character recognition (OCR) solution for businesses of all sizes that can be run on any web browser or on Windows & Mac operating systems. The software recognizes over 100 languages & can be transformed into multiple formats such as PDFs, PNGs, & Microsoft Word documents Erfahre mehr über Easy Screen OCR
Artificial intelligence (AI) powered document automation
AIDA (Artificial Intelligence for Document Automation) uses a hybrid artificial intelligence engine to recognize documents and extract data from them, without the need for prior learning. AIDA can extract information from any document to utilize in workflows. Erfahre mehr über AIDA
Web-based tools for website scraping and data extraction
Agenty is a suite of web-based tools for web data extraction. These tools are capable of detecting & extracting data from public as well as password protected sites in plain text or XML formats. OCR capabilities also allow businesses to automatically recognize & extract text from PDFs and images. Erfahre mehr über Agenty