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221 Anwendungen
Connected field service mobility
ServiceMobility is a cross-platform mobile application enabling field service technicians to maximize their efficiency with on-site process mobilization Erfahre mehr über ServiceMobility
Support your customers
Consumer Goods is specifically designed to meet the needs of a broad range of consumer goods companies. Based on our proven, configurable, highly scalable, and Erfahre mehr über iTouchVision Consumer Goods
Company/Contact/Knowledge store & Tasks list for Home/SMBs
Small Business CRM with customer contact, task management and file storage tools Erfahre mehr über InfoCDB
Customer support software
Tender Support is a customer support app that provides a forum for our customers to engage with your support reps, leave feedback and discuss common issues. Power users can subscribe to more advanced support by subscribing to specific categories and new discussions. Tender Support app gives your agents a platform to share resources with customers... Erfahre mehr über Tender Support
Build and Test Knowledge
ProProfs Poll Software is a powerful online poll creator which helps online marketers, instructors, businesses & government organizations to quickly create an online poll and set it up on their website or blog. The Poll software comes with advanced customization features, using which you can create custom polls that match the colors and theme of... Erfahre mehr über Pro Profs Poll Maker
Manage communication with your customers
Smart and easy-to-use Help Desk and Knowledgebase solution for your small or medium-size business. Deliver timely support to your customers. Exceed your customers’ expectations! Erfahre mehr über HelpOnClick Help Desk
Single-point-of-contact IT service management
When people and process work together, the result is dazzling. Fluid, flexible IT service management makes it possible-powered by Serena Service Manager. On premise or in the Cloud. Erfahre mehr über Serena Service
Phone platform for G Suite and Slack
Ottspott lets you, in a few minutes, to set up a business telephony for your Sales / Support teams. You can choose your numbers in more than 40 countries (and 9000 cities) or decide to port them and connect them to your business applications (Pipedrive, Intercom, Salesforce, Zendesk ...) Erfahre mehr über Ottspott
Cloud-based CRM software for contact center agents
ePowerCenter is a cloud-based CRM software that provides contact center agents with a unified view of customer information and helps to quickly resolve issues Erfahre mehr über ePowerCenter
Anpassbare IT-Support-Lösung
Requuest ist eine SaaS-Service-Desk-Lösung, die Tools für das Ticketing, die Erstellung von Servicekatalog und Wissensdatenbank, SLA-Management, Client-Self-Service und mehr bietet. Erfahre mehr über Requuest
Omni-channel customer service platform
Cingo is an omni-channel customer service platform designed to help companies provide seamless customer support with live chat, email & video & VoIP calling Erfahre mehr über Cingo
Artificial Intelligence Customer Service
Agent.ai provides businesses with the tools to automate their customer service using an artificial intelligence multi-channel chatbot Erfahre mehr über Agent.ai
Multi-channel customer relations management platform
Akio.CX is an omnichannel customer relations tool, designed to facilitate web, telephone, email & social media conversations between customers & customer service teams. Erfahre mehr über Akio
Online how-to guides & tutorials for business
ShowHows is a web-based platform which lets businesses create web-based, embeddable how-to and tutorial guides for customer support and content marketing Erfahre mehr über ShowHows
Customer support automation with machine learning & NLP
Mr Wolf is a customer support automation system with machine learning and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) technology which supports the automation of business processes such as customer service, sales, accounting, finance, logistics, or IT Erfahre mehr über Mr Wolf
User research platform for teams and product people
ConfirmKit is a user research platform that helps product organizations of all sizes to discover what their users really want. ConfirmKit helps product teams to conduct, analyze and store qualitative data from user interviews, highlight patterns / trends in data, and ultimately improve their product Erfahre mehr über ConfirmKit
Social-Media-Marketing für Kundenservice und -engagement
OBI Engage ist eine cloudbasierte Lösung, die Unternehmen bei der Automatisierung von Prozessen im Zusammenhang mit Kundenbetreuung und Social-Media-Marketing über digitale Kanäle hinweg unterstützt, um das Kundenengagement zu erhöhen. Nutzer*innen können soziale Erwähnungen im Web überwachen und Maßnahmen ergreifen, um die Markentreue zu... Erfahre mehr über OBI Engage
Kundenservice- und Auftragsverfolgungslösung für Unternehmen
Versacape ist eine cloudbasierte Lösung, mit der Customer Experience Teams Kundschaft eine Self-Service-Erfahrung bieten können, um Probleme zu lösen. Unternehmen können Self-Service-Informationen für Probanden bereitstellen, einschließlich Leistungsverwaltung, Inventar, Treueprogramme, Produktkatalog und mehr. Erfahre mehr über Verascape
Digital adoption platform for user guide creation
K-Now is a cloud-based digital adoption platform, which assists aerospace, telecommunications, energy, utility, & hospitality businesses with adding context-sensitive user guidance to applications. Key features include feedback collection, campaign planning, user guide creation, & use-case analysis. Erfahre mehr über K-Now
Coosto ist eine Social-Media-Management-Suite, die Unternehmen bei der Überwachung der Markenreputation, der Reaktionen auf Anfragen und der Veröffentlichung von Inhalten in verschiedenen sozialen Netzwerken unterstützt. Mit der automatisierten Planungsfunktion der Lösung können Führungskräfte die Veröffentlichung von Inhalten für mehrere... Erfahre mehr über Coosto


Customizable, AI-powered customer service
OMQ is a suite of cloud-based, artificial intelligence (AI) powered customer service solutions which offer businesses the tools to create custom knowledge bases and dynamic FAQs to encourage customer self service. The platform also automates processes such as ticketing and message response Erfahre mehr über OMQ