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Eclipse is the first comprehensive management system for interpreting and caption service agencies and offices. Our intuitive and secure system improves the efficiency by which your staff, customers, and providers manage scheduling, service delivery, invoicing, payroll, on-boarding, and more! Erfahre mehr über Eclipse Scheduling
Komplettes Warteschlangenmanagement, das deinen Anforderungen gerecht wird. Terminverwaltung, mobiles Ticket und viele weitere optionale Funktionen ermöglichen es dir, die Lösung an dein Kundenkontakt-Management anzupassen. Erfahre mehr über Qmatic
Asalta is a cloud-based solution that enables eCommerce, retailers, and wholesalers to manage the entire business from a centralized dashboard. Erfahre mehr über Asalta
This plugin integrates the SugarCRM & Google Calendar via an API key. This will allow you to sync all events including meetings, schedule, & tasks in real-time and bi-directionally. You can instantly schedule meetings from SugarCRM and add guests to meetings who are not recorded in CRM database. Erfahre mehr über SugarCRM Google Calendar
Common Surface is a workforce management platform designed to help businesses build hybrid work cultures and facilitate collaboration among employees. Erfahre mehr über Common Surface
KettleOS is a web-based software designed to help businesses configure and manage workspaces and analyze data about employees' habits to define organizations’ policies. It enables employees to collaborate with team members, schedule meetings, and log their times. Erfahre mehr über KettleOS
FixAppt is a cloud-based platform that allows users to take and keep appointments easily. Go paperless, cashless, effortless with FixAppt booking and scheduling software. Erfahre mehr über FixAppt
FieldWeb is a cloud-based software that was founded in 2019 and is a Gurgaon-based company in India. It allows its clients to manage, optimize and track smarter the usual operations of their company, field professionals, and customers. Erfahre mehr über Fieldweb
Systemize is the stone industry's leading scheduling and job management software for countertop fabricators. Erfahre mehr über Systemize
SavvyCal is a meeting scheduling tool designed with the sender and recipient in mind. Erfahre mehr über SavvyCal
Haltian Empathic Building is a solution for digital workplaces. Saves you time, provides more choice, is super easy to use, and helps you to be healthier. The Empathic Building digital twin guarantees a superb end-user experience and deliver the key data for operational excellence. Erfahre mehr über Haltian Empathic Building
Meera is an A.I. Driven text messaging automation software solution. The platform offers users a human sounding AI that can emulate human conversations at scale & helps businesses grow by enhancing their marketing, sales and service processes. Erfahre mehr über Meera
Access Webroster is a workforce scheduling software designed to help businesses handle rostering, payroll, billing Erfahre mehr über Access Webroster
ZING is the Everyday Hero for business owners. Built and designed as an ERP for SMBs, ZING is the most affordable platform, easy to use, and with extensive features that meet the demands of any booking-based business. Erfahre mehr über Zing
Online HR solution for managing extra contracts for caterers and catering: creation of schedules, sending schedules by SMS, administrative declarations, hours tracking, employee database. Erfahre mehr über netextra
Smarten Spaces is a hybrid workplace solution to connect businesses with workspaces for hybrid or digital employees. Companies can book desks or meeting rooms for employees and teams. It also supports visitor access management, consulting floor plans, dashboards, and space allocation reports. Erfahre mehr über Smarten Spaces Hybrid Workplace Software
meetergo ist ein 100% DSGVO-konformer online Terminplaner mit einem Lead-Routing-Mechanismus und einer internen Meeting-Plattform. Die online Buchungslösungen von meetergo helfen allen, die mehr als 3 Meetings pro Woche haben, mit mehr Terminen zu mehr Umsatz in kürzerer Zeit zu gelangen, indem sie die Kommunikation nicht nur einfacher und... Erfahre mehr über meetergo
Flomill is an inbound sales automation platform connecting relevant leads with the sales team directly. It enables employees to generate, qualify, schedule, route, and manage leads in one place. Erfahre mehr über Flomill
Appointment scheduling app that takes care of the day-to-day admin within your beauty business giving you more time to do what you love. Erfahre mehr über Beautilio
Personizer develops cloud-based HR tools for efficient time tracking and absence management. The user-friendly and fully integrable software solutions already support more than 500 small and medium-sized companies in digitizing their business processes. Erfahre mehr über Personizer
AI-powered software for shift planning and time tracking for the healthcare industry and other system-relevant branches. Erfahre mehr über Planerio
Einstein II IRP is a cloud-based internal resource pool management software, designed to help healthcare organizations manage staffing needs or issues, adjust shifts across multiple locations and departments, and monitor licenses and certifications of the workforce. Erfahre mehr über Einstein II IRP
WePlan offers new opportunities in workforce planning and helps you overcome the challenges associated with today’s operational complexity. Erfahre mehr über WePlan
Rooster Planner is a resource management platform that helps companies streamline team and resource management for resource and capacity planning, plus real-time reporting, an approval workflow, and more. Erfahre mehr über Rooster Planner
TurnShift is a Slack application to create shifts schedules and manage team calendars. Users can share tasks, duties, and chores with team members. Let TurnShift connect to Slack to add all your users automatically. We'll also send notifications, reminders, and update channels on who's on shift. Erfahre mehr über TurnShift
Solvice building blocks make it easy to integrate optimization technology into any application. Erfahre mehr über Solvice
Motil’s core SaaS solution empowers the self-employed, freelancers, and small business owners with a better way to upstart, manage workflows, and scale. Motil provides a single tool combining an online presence with scheduling and payment tools. Erfahre mehr über Motil
Smartplan unterstützt kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen bei der Optimierung und Digitalisierung ihrer Workforce-Management-Prozesse. Wir bieten an: Diverse Tools zu einer schnelleren Personaleinsatzplanung, genaue Zeiterfassung, Überstundenverwaltung, Abwesenheitsverwaltung, eine Kommunikationsplattform, ESS und Datenexporte zur Durchführung... Erfahre mehr über Smartplan
Ripcord is an all-in-one sales demo enablement platform. Built to increase your sales demo close rate and decrease your onboarding time for new sales hires, Ripcord records calls and online meetings and shares real-time transcriptions of calls and discussions with your team. Erfahre mehr über Ripcord
Online software - Scheduling for employees - agile planning of field teams - invoicing and billing. Erfahre mehr über Optillio
Course scheduling application designed for commercial training companies and external training providers. Erfahre mehr über MAP.COURSE
The system allows users to organize their recruitment process, update a candidate’s progress through the pipeline, schedule screening interviews and more. Erfahre mehr über senegalWORK
XTIME is a time and attendance system that makes it easy for employees to clock in and out, track their hours, view leave balances and request time off. Erfahre mehr über XT-TIME
Catchup is a scheduling software for organizing meetings and appointments for entrepreneurs and business leaders, team leaders, their colleagues and team members, between organizations and their clients or customers, and even private closed groups. It offers app-based scheduling, administrative tools, enterprise-grade security, and integrations... Erfahre mehr über CatchUp
Yard Management Software is a cloud-based yard management software designed to help businesses streamline yard operations by gaining real-time visibility into carriers, shipments, gate activities, trailers, yard activities, arrivals, dock doors, drivers, spotters, appointments, and more. Erfahre mehr über Yard Management Software
ClimbManager includes online booking platform, POS for climbing gym, e-commerce, tablet applications, access control for a climbing gym, automation, management, and marketing. Erfahre mehr über ClimbManager
Planzer.io helps users collect all their tasks and events in one view so that they can easily plan their week and stay productive the entire time. Erfahre mehr über Planzer.io
Reservation.Studio is an appointment management platform for small to midsize businesses. It offers a CRM with client management, appointments, services management, and online booking capabilities. Erfahre mehr über Reservation.Studio
Digital T cards is a visual management tool to optimize and streamline all processes and tasks. It allows users to keep track of their work digitally. Users can also access it anytime from anywhere. Faster data transmission, real-time information, and automated reports provide meaningful insights and helps increase efficiency. Erfahre mehr über T-Card
Plan2Play is a gym management software platform that helps businesses connect with new members and the community. Wellness organizations can improve day-to-day operations and foster a valuable community. Erfahre mehr über Plan2Play
Bookingmood is a cloud-based calendar platform, which helps small to large hospitality businesses manage website branding, custom pricing, team collaboration, customer booking, and recurring events. Erfahre mehr über Bookingmood
Maximo EZ Planner is a task scheduling and assignment application that lets businesses using IBM Maximo view workforce availability in real-time, visualize the schedule in graphical format and automatically calculate optimal schedule schedules. Erfahre mehr über EZMaxPlanner
SoPlan is a cloud-based scheduling solution that helps small to large businesses schedule events with their customers without the need for messages, calls, or e-mails. It offers various features such as third-party integration, calendar synchronization, file sharing, and more. Erfahre mehr über SoPlan
With Dayful, businesses can streamline scheduling, payments, and admin. Dayful allows users to take bookings from any channel, accept secure online payments, send automated confirmations & reminders, and manage your business on the go with a mobile app. Erfahre mehr über Dayful
PointSchedule is a scheduling platform that makes booking and confirming meetings with anyone as easy as sharing a link. Erfahre mehr über PointSchedule
Aurora is customizable where it can intake a variety of constraints ranging from resource, temporal, spatial, as well as the expert knowledge from the user themself. Aurora can handle all factors: calendars, hierarchical relationships, resource requirements (and sets), resource set, and constraints. Erfahre mehr über Aurora
Affordable, simplified, comprehensive SaaS tool uniquely designed for home service small and micro-businesses. Erfahre mehr über Tradesflow
Dynamic Scheduler is a software to optimize the schedule of mobile workers, such as mobile services providers, facilities, and field services. Erfahre mehr über Dynamic Scheduler
MyMov is a software for task managing and route planning to help teams with mobile users Erfahre mehr über MyMov
Flexopus is a desk booking app that enables you to organize hybrid teams within your organization. Share flexible desks, parking spaces and meeting rooms within your team and apply new work concepts. Erfahre mehr über Flexopus

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