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Venly is an instant Web3 wallet for users. It allows users to interact with Web3 familiarly. Integrate the widget in minutes or go for the API solution to get total freedom on UX and asset management. Erfahre mehr über Venly
Binance ist eine Crypto Wallet, über die sich digitale Kryptowährungen handeln lassen. Das schließt das Kaufen und Verkaufen dieser Währungen mit ein. Binance fokussiert sich dabei auf den Krypto-Markt und erlaubt den Handel mit diversen Crypto Currencies. Ethereum und Bitcoin sind ein Teil davon. Erfahre mehr über Binance
Coinbase Wallet ist eine digitales Kryptowährungs-Wallet, das eine Plattform zum Speichern, Umtauschen, Kaufen und Verkaufen mehrerer Arten digitaler Währungen bietet. Die Plattform bietet Echtzeitpreisdaten, die mit Visualisierungen und Preisverlauf geliefert werden, um Trends anzuzeigen. Darüber hinaus können Geldmittel direkt von Coinbase in... Erfahre mehr über Coinbase
Trust Wallet ist eine sichere Krypto-Wallet-Plattform, die Unternehmen und Fachleuten helfen soll, Kryptowährung auszutauschen und zu verdienen sowie NFTs zu speichern, zu kaufen und zu sammeln. Nutzer können innerhalb einer zentralisierten Anwendung Stablecoins ausgeben, bestimmte Coins einsetzen und Diagramme oder Preise für Kryptowährungen... Erfahre mehr über Trust Wallet
ECOS is a cryptocurrency wallet platform that helps users manage digital assets. Users can calculate profits across cryptocurrency investments, track the Bitcoin mining process and view a history of transactions from within a unified platform. Erfahre mehr über ECOS
BitPay is a payment processing software designed to help merchants accept bitcoins and manage digital currency transactions. Administrators can receive cryptocurrency payments in bank accounts and email invoices to vendors. Erfahre mehr über BitPay
Luno is a cryptocurrency wallets software designed to help businesses buy, sell, and access digital currencies such as Ethereum, USD Coin, Ripple, and Bitcoin. Administrators can select preferred payment methods including bank transfers and debit or credit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies. Erfahre mehr über Luno
Exodus is a payment processing software that helps professionals manage, exchange, send, or receive cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, XRP, StormX, Revain, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Cosmos. It allows users to scan QR codes to initiate transactions and automatically check addresses for errors. Erfahre mehr über Exodus
Atomic Wallet is a web-based cryptocurrency wallet designed to help businesses and traders manage Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, LM, and other coins and tokens. The platform accepts EUR, USD, and other local currencies across multiple countries around the world. Erfahre mehr über Atomic Wallet
Trezor Wallet is a web-based cryptocurrency wallet designed to help traders manage their balance, control funds, and initiate transfers. It supports a variety of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Zcash, and more. Erfahre mehr über Trezor Wallet
MyEtherWallet is an open-source cryptocurrency wallet designed to help users interact with the Ethereum blockchain, create wallets, manage contracts, and more. The application enables organizations to purchase Ether (ETH) tokens, exchange crypto, send and receive ECR20 tokens and Stablecoins, and transfer Bitcoins to Ethereum via a unified portal. Erfahre mehr über MyEtherWallet
Freewallet is a custodial multi-currency crypto wallet that can manage and store 100+ digital currencies. Erfahre mehr über Freewallet
Electrum is a bitcoin wallet which enables merchants to accept cryptocurrencies across websites through SSL secure payment requests. It allows users to securely store and encrypt private keys, set up phrases to recover funds, and export private keys to external systems. Erfahre mehr über Electrum
Coinomi is a cloud-based cryptocurrency management software that allows individuals to store, manage and exchange blockchain assets on a unified platform. It provides a secure digital wallet, which enables users to store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Tron, Cryptonote, Omni Layer, NEM, Zerocash, Zerocoin and other cryptocurrencies in an encrypted... Erfahre mehr über Coinomi
CoinPayments is a cryptocurrency wallet designed to help businesses, merchants, and professionals process payments, purchase gift cards, exchange cryptocurrencies, send or receive coins, and more. It offers shopping cart plugins for various eCommerce platforms and allows users to create custom buttons by selecting specific images to accept... Erfahre mehr über CoinPayments
Bitgo is a cryptocurrency wallet platform that comes with 3-key management and multi-signature security that allows users to move assets securely. The system provides both cold and hot wallets, which enable web accessible capabilities and offline security with multi-factor authentication and password setups. Additionally, Bitgo supports over 400... Erfahre mehr über Bitgo
Lumi Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet solution that helps users buy, exchange, store, and monitor coins, such as BTC, DOGE, EOS, ETH, BCH, and more from within a unified platform. It enables individuals to buy coins via credit cards in multiple currencies, including USD< CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, and CHF. Erfahre mehr über Lumi Wallet
BRD is a web-based cryptocurrency wallet designed to help businesses transfer cryptocurrencies and manage funds via a unified platform. It offers a variety of features such as data security, cryptocurrency storage, an activity dashboard, digital asset management, analytics, data encryption, mobile access, rewards management, and more. Erfahre mehr über BRD
Cryptocurrency wallet solution that provides users a platform to send & receive digital currency, track transaction logs, view information on multiple types of coins, and more. The system provides a news module that allows users to obtain real-time blockchain updates and headlining stories related to cryptocurrency. Additionally, Jaxx displays... Erfahre mehr über Jaxx Liberty
TokenPocket is a universal cryptocurrency wallet that supports leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherum, BSC, EOS, Polygon, TRON, and more. Erfahre mehr über TokenPocket
Ember Fund is a non-custodial cryptocurrency portfolio management solution that allows users to take full control of all assets without relying on a third party. Erfahre mehr über Ember Fund
Bit2Me is a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange platform for users in Spain. It offers customer service in more than 50 languages. Erfahre mehr über Bit2Me
OKX is Reliable Faster, Better, and Stronger than your average crypto exchange. Erfahre mehr über OKX
Cake Wallet is an open-source cryptocurrency wallet that mainly supports the exchange of Monero, Bitcoin (Electrum), and Litecoin. Cake Wallet is known as one of the first open-source Monero crypto wallets. Erfahre mehr über Cake Wallet
Staked is a web-based application designed to help investors lend crypto assets to users for generating returns in the form of additional cryptocurrency. The application enables organizations to streamline yield farming, staking, and data encryption operations as well as transfer cryptocurrencies from remote locations. Erfahre mehr über Staked
USDX Wallet is a secured blockchain wallet application that helps individuals transfer cryptocurrencies from remote locations. It offers multi-level security, stores user data in an encrypted manner, verifies transactions using two-factor authentication, and prevents any unauthorized access. Erfahre mehr über USDX Wallet
7b is a user friendly cryptocurrency broker application designed for beginners and advanced traders. Erfahre mehr über 7b Broker
Shrimpy is a social trading platform that can centralize your cryptocurrency portfolio in one platform. Track crypto performance, monitor the market, and manage crypto as well as other assets in one place. Erfahre mehr über Shrimpy
Block.io is a cryptocurrency wallets software that helps businesses manage multiple currencies including bitcoin and dogecoin and securely process transactions. The platform enables managers to create wallets and set up personalized signature configurations to facilitate withdrawals. Erfahre mehr über Block.io
Infinity Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that helps individuals monitor the market trends and send, receive, request, and exchange cryptocurrencies. It enables users to evaluate assets and exchanges, handle multiple cryptocurrencies, and track combined historical portfolios or individual assets. Erfahre mehr über Infinity Wallet
Wasabi Wallet is a Bitcoin wallet focused on privacy, which provides features such as wallet generation, send and receive, and trustless CoinJoin transactions which helps avoid breaches in privacy. Erfahre mehr über Wasabi Wallet
Evercode Lab is a non-custodial crypto wallet for BTC, BTC, ETH, DOGE, ADA, BNB, ERC-20 and +300 other coins. It can be launched and used by companies under their brand and with their customized UI. We are constantly updating our list of assets and adding new cryptocurrencies on a regular bas Erfahre mehr über Evercode White Label Crypto Wallet
Easy to use, client-side, open-source Bitcoin wallet to send and receive BTC from anywhere, on any device. Erfahre mehr über Bitamp
Krypto provides a risk-free environment that enables users to buy, sell, and send cryptocurrency. Individuals can use the app to make decentralized payments at any store or outlet that accepts crypto payments. Key features include cryptocurrency sending & receiving, real-time reporting, and storage. Erfahre mehr über Krypto
Als Handelsplattform möchte Bittrex insbesondere mit seinen Sicherheitsfunktionen punkten. Der Entwickler setzt dafür auf ein Konzept mit mehreren Schichten, um die Transaktionen der Nutzer beim Kauf und Verkauf von Kryptowährungen abzusichern. Lauffähig ist die App auf iOS und Android. Erfahre mehr über Bittrex
Shakepay is an application specializing in the sale and purchase of Bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies are also supported by this tool, which also offers insurance cover to users of this platform. Shakepay strives to keep its service and performance streamlined and responsive. Erfahre mehr über Shakepay
Wealthsimple Crypto is a dedicated tool specializing in cryptocurrency trading. Wealthsimple Crypto can handle all the most common cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Dogecoin. All transactions take place in a secure environment. Erfahre mehr über Wealthsimple Crypto
Enjin provides a creation, distribution and integration solution for NFTs. Enjin allows users to own, store, sell and trade game items with its Enjin Wallet and Marketplace. Erfahre mehr über Enjin
Matrixport is the most reliable digital assets platform to buy, invest, trade and leverage crypto assets. Erfahre mehr über Matrixport
Cobo Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet solution for BTC, ETH, EOS, VET, and other currencies. The platform supports SDK in multiple languages including Python, JavaScript, Golang, JAVA, and PHP. Erfahre mehr über Cobo Wallet
CoinsPaid offers a range of B2C and B2B product offerings for the crypto-payments industry. Erfahre mehr über CoinsPaid
Liminal Vaults provides secure wallet operations and custody solutions to web companies across the APAC and MENA regions. The focus area is on small and medium exchanges. Erfahre mehr über Liminal Vaults

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