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Cloud based solution for medical practice management
Kareo helps medical providers in optimizing clinical processes by handling administrative tasks so that doctors can focus on patient care Erfahre mehr über Kareo
Cloud based EHR
Cloud-based EHR with fully customizable medical templates and easy billing software with industry leading iPhone and iPad apps. Erfahre mehr über DrChrono
Cloud-based electronic health record platform
Practice Fusion is a cloud-based electronic health record management solution offering features such as e-prescription, charting, scheduling and lab integration Erfahre mehr über Practice Fusion
Cloud-based EMR and practice management software
InSync is a cloud-based electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management platform which can be tailored to suit the needs of healthcare professionals within the behavioral health, substance abuse, Ob/Gyn, pediatric therapy, primary care, and physical therapy specialties Erfahre mehr über InSync
Cloud based EHR solution for hospitals and clinics
ChartLogic is an integrated electronic health recording solution that offers tools for electronic medical recording, practice management and billing services Erfahre mehr über ChartLogic
Surescripts & EPCS certified e-prescribing system
MDToolbox e-Prescribing is a Surescripts & EPCS certified e-Prescribing software which can be used standalone on desktops, tablets, or phones, or integrated Erfahre mehr über MDToolbox e-Prescribing
Elektronische Verschreibungssoftware.
ScriptSure ist eine medizinische Software für Ärzte, Kliniken und Krankenhäuser, die E-Prescribing, EMR-Management, Terminplanungstechnologie und mehr unterstützt. Erfahre mehr über ScriptSure