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The little things matter

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Bewertet am 3.8.2018
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Amazing experience with customer support and the product.


I love Canny's super beautiful design!!!

I refused to purchase Aha! for over a year even though I really needed a customer feedback tool. I have been waiting a long time for a beautiful and easy to use feedback tool - Canny is it.

Canny also nails all the little things. I still remember a experience years ago when I requested a feature from HubSpot. HubSpot team was very nice but basically told me to go write out the idea myself on their idea board. I thought to myself, I just explained everything to you can't you do it?

All of this to say is I love the Canny feature that integrates with Intercom and automatically upvotes features for customers. The person you are talking to in Intercom can see everything right there, no effort on their part is needed! It's not possible to not love this!


None, but I am still a new user. 1 month approximately.

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