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Great with a lot of Potential

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Bewertet am 8.9.2017
Quelle der Bewertung: Capterra

It has its potential and the cost can be significantly lower than some competitors.


Is this a WUG or Solarwinds NPM? No, but it's definitely not something to shake a stick at. As long as you have good technical-know-how, then this can actually be shaped to be as necessary in your environment as one of the big dogs - just being able to wrap your head around it isn't always the greatest or easiest thing to do.


Not the easiest to use configuration and setup. Not as good as NPM or WUG, but it gets the job done at a lower cost** (**depending on how many "metrics" you choose).

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A New way to Measure Cloud Metrics

Bewertet am 27.1.2012
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With its surreal black and green interface, this one’s a winner. For a technical application, such as this, a simple interface can considerably help non-technical people like me. And, I was not disappointed. Each task or action is not more than two clicks away. What’s more, the interface is task-driven. This means each click is rationed to perform a task. I especially liked the fact that the interface gets right down to business with the attributes and alerts tab.


Excellent service that unlocks the true value of data


Could be less technical