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Saves time!

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Bewertet am 14.11.2018
Quelle der Bewertung: Capterra

Love that it makes employee scheduling easier and less time consuming than doing it manually.


It saves time for typical HR tasks such as scheduling and time management.


Dislike that it has very limited access through mobile.

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Simplify Scheduling And HR With TimeForge

Bewertet am 20.3.2013
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It is rare to find a labor management solution focused on a specific segment of the retail industry. However, Anthony Presley, who started the service after observing a friend’s problems, has a simple rationale for focusing on the restaurant and retail industries. “In these markets, labor is a key controllable expense,” he says. “Also, there are a lot of hourly employees in the restaurant and retail industries – with fewer salaried staff.” Labor problems can result in staff churn and directly affect the project.


The TimeForge suite of applications makes it easy and affordable for small businesses to focus on their core unique selling points by automating several HR-related tasks such as scheduling and attendance.

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Leaves more to be desired

Bewertet am 17.4.2016
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Its definitely one of the cost effective SAAS platform for time scheduling. The mobile app is very limited in use, which is my biggest gripe as an administrator. The new IOS update for the app has made UI refinements and has pleasing looks but the core functionality of scheduling is still not available and nor is the ability to communicate with employees in a chat style format. The web app is not mobile friendly either. Wish the mobile web access is made mobile friendly