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adCore brought my PPC campaigns to life!

Bewertet am 10.3.2013
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I run a technology website that outsources a number of different technologies. adCore's dynamic campaign creation tool allowed me to instantly build all my campaigns targeting very different audiences in a very short span of time. Their optimization and reporting tools have ensured that my campaigns are hitting their targets and I don't have to worry about it. adCore has literally enabled me to stop spending hours upon hours worrying about my PPC and begun to make the PPC work for me.


- easy to learn (once you go through a webinar)
- technology can be mastered in a few hours (as opposed to weeks with tools like WordStream, Acquisio, Marin).
- It's free!


- Not so clear when you first log in what all the different dashboards mean (but one webinar will take care of that).

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This is such a great tool!

Bewertet am 12.3.2013
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It really helped my business