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Zenput Mobile

Mobile Berichterstattung, unmittelbar von deinen Mitarbeitern in deine Tabelle.

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Very responsive

Bewertet am 2.10.2013
Quelle der Bewertung: GetApp

We've rolled out Zenput to employees at all of our locations. They use the app on their phones to send back data and photos so we can see exactly how they're performing at every location. I can see the reports as soon as they hit send, and then analyze the reports in Excel. Zenput is really well done, and they're super responsive by phone and email when we have questions.

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Great app mobile data collection

Bewertet am 19.9.2013
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Zenput is really really easy to use. I created surveys in minutes and the forms appeared on my iPhone straight away! They’ve really thought about every aspect of the mobile data collection process.


Works on iOS and Android


Some design views could be better

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allows offline data collection

Bewertet am 17.9.2013
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The fact that Zenput allows offline data collection was an important selling point for us