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Net Promoter Score® to measure, act, monetize and grow your customer base.

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Insightful, Useful NPS Application

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Bewertet am 16.11.2017
Quelle der Bewertung: Capterra


CustomerGauge provides a high level metrics of one's NPS score across the dimensions that you choose - albeit a business unit, store or local geography. At a high level, the solution enables you to slice the data to get real insights as to how your business is perceived by its customers.

CustomerGauage also provides a decent array of tools to handle customer feedback with customers and prompt customers to create reviews on third party websites.

CustomerGauge is also backed by a great team that really are genuinely passionate about user experience, how to properly measure it and how to make it better.


Processing times on customer data upload isn't immediate, what they refer to as "data transport" (file upload of customer data) can take a few minutes to be processed.

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