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Darren A.
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Exactly what we needed!

Bewertet am 29.5.2014
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Having used WaerLinx for our Aerospace hub at Heathrow Airport for close to 6 years, the flexibility of the system allows us to manage our customer's inventory in a very efficient and cost effective way, whether that be via EDI connectivity or by simple manual processes.
Providing web visibility across many of our international facilities along with the ability to define and monitor KPI's, other operational trends and a host of reporting tools remotely is of huge benefit to our customers.
Easy to use, quick implentation times, and superb support services I personally would recommend WaerLinx as a Warehouse Management System.

Andrew Q.
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Working together

Bewertet am 28.4.2014
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Our company recently won a big contract to provide material management services to a leading French defence contractor and we needed to augment our ERP system with a Cloud-based service for demand management, Kitting, transaction processing, inventory management and point-of-use replenishment. We selected WAERlinx and it has proved to be a good choice. We really like the software, it interfaces very well and we also have a good working partnership with the team at Waer too.