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e-conomic, by Visma, is an online accounting software application that promises a simplicity and level of intuitiveness suitable for use by small and medium-sized organizations of any kind. Officially available from European vendors based in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, the program supports multiple languages to broaden deployment within a host of international territories. Promising to cater for all the typical business bookkeeping requirements in a single web-based environment, e-conomic is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of a company's financials in a way that promotes accounting efficiency.

Permitting greater external accessibility for outside accountants, e-conomic enables companies to give an authorized accountant direct, secured digital access to their corporate books, making collaboration more convenient and more conducive to better accountancy service provision, consultation etc. In addition, e-conomic has been built to be developer-friendly with broad community support for extending the program's platform and customizing features thanks to SOAP and REST API connectivity. A variety of integration options allow users to synchronize with other existing applications and systems, adding extra functionality such as inventory management, web shop or payroll systems etc.

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  • e-conomic is an accounting program that promises to be "intuitive" and "simple" for deployment by small to medium-sized companies, built to cater to all bookkeeping needs and support greater business efficiency and profitability.

  • Available predominantly in three European territories including Denmark, Sweden and Norway, the software in fact boasts multi-lingual support for broad, universal usage.

  • The program improves access by giving accountants direct, centralized and secured digital access to the company's financial books, aiding collaboration and facilitating better levels of outside accountancy consultation.

  • Promising strong and flexible integration capabilities, e-conomic can be extended to embrace additional eCommerce features such as web shop and inventory management or payroll processing etc.

  • With a strong emphasis on empowering the developer community, the e-conomic platform utilizes REST API and SOAP to connect and build custom applications.
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    Build for accountants – not for other users

    Bewertet am 7.9.2018

    I am sorry to say that this product makes me feel a little stupid. And I do understand a lot of...

    I am sorry to say that this product makes me feel a little stupid. And I do understand a lot of accounting and numbers – I work within the financial industry, but that does not make accounting and the way it is made understandable. So the tool is great for accountants, but not for everybody else.


    It has a lot of different features. You can really make different things with this program, and it is the preferred tool by a lot of accountants which makes it easy for them to use.


    The UX is horrible. This program mostly makes sense if you have an accounting background. Everybody else is pretty much lost and compared to other products out there this is not intuitive. Lots of room for improvement.

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