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Pricefy works through a cloud platform to manage promotions and prices. It can automatically create promotional posters in various sizes and formats, and they can be customized to suit the visual identity of specified brands.

To automate processes, the tool supports three different methods of data management including manual inputs, spreadsheet imports, and API integration with business ERP systems. Pricefy is a custom solution that follows all current rules and protocols. It provides companies with the flexibility to produce an unlimited number of prints, specify campaign themes and styles, create custom logos, and personalize other images.

The processes for poster creation and management are done entirely online, and teams can utilize additional tools to speed up various processes, such as the automatic calculation of compound interest on offered products.





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Gesamtzahl der Funktionen von Pricefy: 4

  • API
  • Design-Management
  • Druck-Management
  • Kampagnenmanagement


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