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Placeit is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses design various marketing assets such as animated videos, logos, social media posts, banner ads, flyers, mockups, and more using predefined templates or in a customized manner.

The platform enables designers to create logos using personal brand name, colors, graphics, or type, add text, change font styles, resize images, and apply different illustrations. Users can create digital mockups by uploading images or capturing screenshots from URL. Professionals can also build slideshow videos by adding required text, audio track, background image, layout colors as well as preview slides or full video for any editing purposes.

Placeit offers a variety of other features such as a drag-and-drop interface, multiple file format support, searching and filtering, and asset tagging. Designers can also publish, sell, broadcast, display, and distribute content for commercial purposes. It lets users bookmark and store mockups or design templates to a personal library, save edits and share them with others.





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Gesamtzahl der Funktionen von Placeit: 18

  • Anpassbare Vorlagen
  • Bildbearbeitung
  • Bildbibliothek
  • Daten-Import / -Export
  • Datenspeicher-Management
  • Datensynchronisation
  • Design-Management
  • Drag-and-Drop
  • Inhalt-Bibliothek
  • Kundenspezifisches Branding
  • Mehrfache Format-Unterstützung
  • Suchen / filtern
  • Textbearbeitung
  • Vorlagen
  • Vorlagen-Management
  • Vorschaufunktion
  • Werbemanagement
  • Werkzeuge zur Zusammenarbeit



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