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Public Cloud solution (Service Providers)
This refers to cloud computing where resources from a VDC are sold to external end-users over the Internet by traditional IT service providers, for example companies who deliver managed server hosting or data disaster recovery services. Public cloud services are delivered to end-users via web-based applications using web services. End-users sign Service Level Agreements with their provider of cloud computing resources and pay for resources consumed per month or per year.

Add automated cloud-based managed services to your managed services portfolio

CloudController has been built from the ground-up with no proprietary interfaces.

Use of industry standard hardware and software architectures assures easy integration to your existing infrastructure.

CloudController is the fully-automated solution for hands-free configuration, administration, deployment and management of your managed services portfolio.

Multi-level user hierarchy allows service providers to set-up tiered distribution models.
Integrated back office functions enable Public Cloud service providers to deliver VDC services simultaneously to multiple layers of customers.

By automating the complete managed services supply chain your Total Cost of Ownership will be drastically reduced.

Private Cloud Solution (Enterprise)
This refers to cloud computing where an organization virtualizes and utilizes its own IT infrastructure in a managed services model to deliver IT resources to internal application and/or database owners over their internal private network. Private cloud VDC services are delivered via web-based applications using web services. An attractive feature of private cloud computing is the ability to completely automate the ordering, deployment and internal charge-back of IT infrastructure computing resources.

Combine knowledge of corporate best practices with standard workflows in order to quickly and efficiently deploy IT resources from your private cloud to known standards.

In the corporate enterprise CloudController is an extension of your operations team.

The ability to map roles in your operational organization to the multi-level user hierarchy in CloudController gives corporate customers the flexibility to access, control and operate the usage of IT resources as required to meet corporate policies.

Rapid provisioning and deployment of IT resources minimizes corporate overhead in both IT and business processes, significantly reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

Collection and export of cost and usage data assists Private Cloud customers in the charge back of IT resources to the cost center of the internal user consuming them.

Simple management and control by means of a familiar web browser-based interface assures little or no learning curve.

Training in the use and set-up of CloudController is included standard with each implementation.


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Cloud management made easy

Bewertet am 6.3.2011
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Easy to install, works perfectly... we tried many comparable cloud management apps, but none of them has such a smart fit to our needs than incontinuum. The installation was done within a few hours, the frontend design appears smart and intuitive. no special training was needed for getting started.

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CloudController Funktionen

  • Prognosen

  • API
  • Aktivitäts-Dashboard
  • Aktivitäts-Verfolgung
  • Anwendungsintegration
  • Automatische Benachrichtigungen
  • Berichterstattung und Statistik
  • Daten-Import / -Export
  • Drag-and-Drop-Oberfläche
  • Echtzeit-Berichterstattung
  • Echtzeit-Daten
  • Echtzeitüberwachung
  • Integration von Dritten
  • SSL-Sicherheit
  • Warnungen / Eskalation
  • Werkzeuge zur Zusammenarbeit
  • Wirtschaftsprüfung
  • Workflow-Management
  • Zugriffskontrolle
  • Überwachung

Zusätzliche Informationen für CloudController

Schlüssel-Features von CloudController

  • Heterogeneous VMware, Citrix XenServer, Hyper-V
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Self-Provisioning of Managed Services


Self-Provisioning of Managed Services

* Deploy multiple VM's in minutes
* Generate and roll-out multiple backup/restore agents simultaneously
* Configure IP pools and set rules groups and limitations for IP network use and management

Multi-User Role and Hierarchy

* 5 levels of user from Administrator to End-User
* Multi-tier distribution in Service Provider model
* Security flow-down with defined roles
* Customizable back office features at each level

Ease of Implementation

* Implementation via a standard installer
* Non-intrusive add-on to existing infrastructure management software
* Inputs and collects data from existing personnel, policies, practices and procedures


* Enable multiple layers of customers
* Seamlessly add virtual server capacity
* Grow or shrink server resources without disruption
* Rapid, automatic deployment or decommissioning of VM's and data protection agents


* CloudController Instance Server is cluster-ready
* Increase performance of operations via workflows
* Automate IT and back-office operations practices and processes

Management Control

* Custom VM (server), and backup agent templates
* User administration and access of subordinate levels
* Unique services price lists per level
* White-labeled managed service

Back Office Customization At Each Level

* Choice of language
* Currency type
* Time zone
* Payment options
* Charge-back integration
* Reports and reporting
* User address books

Total Cost of Ownership

* Achieve better utilization of IT infrastructure
* Bring VM sprawl under control
* Part of a 'Green' IT strategy, reducing datacenter costs
* Drastically reduces IT operations management costs


* Enterprise (Private Cloud) with VM activation keys via standard EULA
* Service Providers (Public Cloud) with use-based VM pricing
* Automatic, self-service license purchase and deployment reduces administration costs

Maintenance and Support

* Standard Support (Monday - Friday, business hours)
* Premier Support ( 7 x 24 x 365 )
* Professional Services - project-based

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F. Was sind die Hauptfunktionen von CloudController?

CloudController bietet die folgenden Funktionen:

  • Heterogeneous VMware, Citrix XenServer, Hyper-V
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Self-Provisioning of Managed Services

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F: Welche Sprachen werden von CloudController unterstützt?

CloudController unterstützt die folgenden Sprachen:

Englisch, Deutsch, Spanisch

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Einmalige Lizenz, Abonnement

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