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Sage 50cloud

Lösung für die Online-Buchhaltung für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen

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Sage 50cloud ist eine Online-Buchhaltungssoftware für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen mit den wichtigsten Funktionen für Rechnungsstellung, Cashflow, Budgetierung, Inventar und Steuern, einschließlich einer großen Auswahl an Zusatzleistungen für die Personalabrechnung, die Kreditkartenverarbeitung und mehr. Integrierte Best Practices für die Buchhaltung helfen Unternehmen, ihre Finanzen auf Kurs zu halten und gleichzeitig die Vorschriften einzuhalten. Nutzer können Kunden Rechnungen stellen und Zahlungen tätigen sowie Buchhaltern Echtzeit-Zugriff auf die Geschäftsbücher gewähren.

Die visuellen Dashboards von Sage 50cloud helfen Unternehmen, ihren Geschäftserfolg zu sichern, indem sie die wichtigsten Leistungsbereiche hervorheben und Einblicke in die wichtigsten Umsatz- und Budgettrends bieten. Nutzer können Kundenkontakte verwalten und direkt Angebote, Kundenaufträge und Rechnungen erstellen. Sage 50cloud lässt sich automatische mit den Kontakten in Outlook synchronisieren, um schneller auf Kontaktdaten, Informationen zur Kundenbilanz, den Bestellverlauf und Kreditlimits zuzugreifen. Nutzer können Kundenzahlungen verfolgen und monatliche Kontoauszüge erstellen sowie nutzerdefinierte Markenformulare mit spezifischen Anforderungen erstellen.

Mit Sage 50cloud können Unternehmen den Überblick über Lieferanten behalten, Rechnungen bezahlen und Einkäufe mit Tools für das Kostenmanagement wie Bank-Feeds und mobile Zahlungen verfolgen. Nutzer können eine direkte Verbindung zu Bankkonten herstellen, um Umsätze und Quittungen in Echtzeit zu erfassen und die geschuldeten Beträge zu verfolgen, Geld zu überweisen, Einzahlungen zu tätigen und Bankkonten abzugleichen. Mit Sage 50cloud können die Nutzer von jedem Gerät aus auf Finanzberichte zugreifen und mithilfe intelligenter Vorlagen oder dem Drag-and-drop-Designer leistungsstarke Berichte erstellen.


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466,00 $/Jahr
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Australien, Vereinigtes Königreich, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Unterstützte Sprachen

Englisch, Spanisch

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67% Positive Bewertungen
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John T.
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Good...But A Little Expensive

Täglich für Mehr als 2 Jahre genutzt
Bewertet am 13.8.2018
Quelle der Bewertung: SoftwareAdvice

I use the Canadian version of the software. I suspect it's basically the same as the American version, except for sales tax and payroll, but I would check a review of that version for any American users.


Sage 50 is an easy-to-use piece of accounting software aimed at SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), and it is one of QuickBooks' major competitors.

It's fairly easy to find people who are familiar with Sage 50. That's a plus for small businesses looking to find an employee or outside service provider to take care of their books.

If you are looking to do the books yourself, Sage 50 is relatively easy to learn. They have thorough tutorials available to walk you through the basics.

Major transactions are grouped together under tabs on the left-hand navigation panel. The various workflows--receivables, payables, inventory and services, employees and payroll, and a 'company' category--are all shown graphically. Each task within a major area is represented as a labeled icon, making it is to start a new transaction from this screen. The 'company' link is a catch-all category, including general journal entries, the chart of accounts and tools for managing your data and accounting tasks.

Virtually every report that a small business could need is available in Sage 50.


I found Sage 50 to be glitchy in the past. I have spent too many hours on hold or on a call with their tech support.

I use the payroll-included version of Sage 50. I also have a support package. In all, that's not competitively priced. If it weren't for the fact that some clients have been using this software for years and are reimbursing me for the cost of the software, I would not be using it. QuickBooks is a better value.

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Heidi N.
Mit Google übersetzen

Easy to use, nice reports; troubleshooting and updates can be a pain

Täglich für Mehr als 2 Jahre genutzt
Bewertet am 25.5.2018
Quelle der Bewertung: SoftwareAdvice

I used this software for really basic accounting functions and used a separate CRM and ERP software that I just journaled information from into Sage. It was great for that and for the everyday AP, payroll and GL. Overall I really liked it and it gave me few problems. The issue was that when there was a problem, it was really time-consuming to fix and I often had to bring in outside tech support when Sage couldn't solve the problem, so it cost a lot of extra time and money a few times a year.


I loved this program in that it seemed to be made for accountants, unlike some software that seems to be made for non-accountants. There are a lot of great reports to choose from, and each can be easily formatted to whatever file type you need. The payroll is awesome and easy to use.


Updates can sometimes cost you functionality, which can be a real problem if you are in the middle of payroll. Payroll information is only available for the current and previous calendar years, which is tough when you are undergoing an audit or due diligence. Some reports have limited time range parameters, so if you have a fiscal year that doesn't fit into those parameters, it can be annoying to run more than one report and combine the information. Also, there was one formula in the tax functions that didn't provide the correct number for some states, you had to enter it manually, which made us provide incorrect information and pay penalties because of it. I tried to do a data transfer from one company in sage to another, and several files were corrupted and didn't make it over. At one point, I needed to have two companies open at once, and the windows did not title which company was which. I literally had to go into the the menu drop down to figure out which company was which. They looked identical, so it was a real pain.

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Amish K.
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Sage 50 Accounting

Täglich für Mehr als 2 Jahre genutzt
Bewertet am 24.2.2017
Quelle der Bewertung: SoftwareAdvice

Sage 50 Accounting is ideal for the small business that is looking for a comprehensive, customizable core accounting solution that includes: A/P, A/R , well developedBilling, Invoicing, Inventory Management and Financial reporting. Sage 50 Accounting integration with Microsoft Excel, Outlook and PDF are some of its other features. Sage 50 Acwell-developed program that is great for the small business to keep their books organized. Sage 50 Accounting recognizes that small businesses may not need some of the more advanced features that some of its higher versions have. This is why Sage 50 features are pretty basic, providing support for tasks such as project management, costing, invoicing, reporting among others.


Easy to Use.
Ease of implementation.
The flexibility of financial reporting.
A functional software for small uncomplicated businesses.
Integration with core Microsoft applications like Excel makes a good product for analytics export into a spreadsheet.


It is very basic. And also does not have many capabilities.
Finding Transactions can be a bit Tricky.
Check printing has its own set of problem.
Need to have a fair level of accounting knowledge to use it correctly.

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Randy W.
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Sage 50 'Quantum' Canadian is very stable but limited. No significant new features for last 4 years.

Bewertet am 12.6.2015
Quelle der Bewertung: Capterra

- Sage 50 Canadian is very stable, any 'crash' is almost always a hardware or operating system issue.
- Vendor technical support is prompt and helpful.
- Uses a solid 'Enterprise-grade' back end database.
- ODBC is free, and included.
- Free SDK is available.

- Response to bugs is to provide work-arounds
- No significant new features since 2011.
- Screen designs are stuck on 1988. Data entry fonts are unusably tiny on modern monitors, and can't be adjusted.
- Features and prior bundled software has been removed, no longer supported, or flat out disabled:
. web store integration,
. Crystal Reports,
. ACT! CRM integration
. Simply HR Manager
- Numerous limitations in the 'Quantum' version to prevent use by all but the smallest companies:
. no transaction reports show purchase order numbers,
. ship-to addresses are limited to 99,
. multiple vendor shipping addresses are not supported at all
. if using multiple 'locations', inventory reports are wrong due to wrong beginning onhand.
. Multiple shipments to / from a single invoice are not supported.
. No way to report on Purchase Order vs invoice purchase amounts or pricing.
. No reports

- Designed for Accountants, not for business operations.
. 'Job Tracking' will record what you put in, but not tell you what to bill out.
. Year end process is unnecessarily convoluted and cumbersome for the business.
. Inventory 'available' isn't displayed during invoicing, only 'On Hand'.
. Only 2 years of sales statistics are tracked - current and prior year. Since current is always opened before the prior year is completed, there is never any point in time where a comparative report is of any use.
. Canned reports are inadequate and can't be customized.
- Time Tracking to Invoicing only works if you never have separate jobs for a single client - and who wouldn't?
- Inventory statistics are broken - Quantities are correct, but adjustments rack up the statistics on number of transactions (one sale, adjusted two times will show as 5 transactions)
- Virtually all inventory, sales, and purchase detail reports show all adjusted and reversed transactions, but don't output any indicator that they are just dead, junk data.
- Few third party software integrations
- Other Sage software does not work with it AT ALL. (Asset tracking, Time & Billing, CRM)

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Jason H.
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Used to be the standard for small business in Canada, but no longer.

Täglich für Mehr als 2 Jahre genutzt
Bewertet am 9.6.2017
Quelle der Bewertung: SoftwareAdvice

I have recently discovered Xero and moved my accounting practice to this software. It is so simple with the convenience of being cloud-based. I now recommend Xero to my clients and given its simplicity (yet still very powerful) I can foresee clients taking charge of their own bookkeeping and getting rid of their existing bookkeepers.


Sage 50 was the accounting program I used to recommend to all my small business clients. Stable program that has most of the simple functions needed for most small businesses. Most used small business accounting software among my clients and almost all bookkeepers in our area use and have experience working solely with Sage 50.


It's not the most user-friendly program and has a reputation of being difficult for non-bookkeepers and bookkeepers alike to use properly. Sage has been slow to make it more user-friendly and were behind in moving to cloud options. Personal experience is Sage support is very slow to respond to queries.

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Sage 50cloud Preis

Beginnt ab
466,00 $/Jahr
Kostenlose Testversion

Sage 50cloud Funktionen

  • Abrechnung & Rechnungsstellung
  • Aktivitäts-Dashboard
  • Berichterstattung und Statistik
  • Echtzeit-Daten
  • Elektronische Zahlungen
  • Finanzanalyse
  • Kostenverfolgung
  • Mehrere Währungen
  • Rechnungsführung
  • Rechnungsmanagement
  • Rechnungsverarbeitung

  • API
  • Anpassbare Berichterstellung
  • Automatische Benachrichtigungen
  • Compliance Management
  • Daten-Import / -Export
  • Erhalten
  • Integration in die Buchhaltung
  • Integration von Dritten
  • Workflow-Management

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